Tuesday, March 12, 2019

House Quashes "Right to Die" Bill (HB 90)

By Robert Nott 
Rep. Deborah Armstrong
Sante Fe New Mexican

One of this legislative session’s most controversial bills has been tabled for the 2019 legislative session....

Though the bill, known as the Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act, made it through two House committees this year, it was quietly tabled in the House of Representatives in late February.

On Tuesday, [Rep. Deborah] Armstrong wrote in an email that the bill was tabled “at my request.”

“At the time we are just a few votes shy to pass the bill,” she said.

“What we do have, though, is the drive and the commitment to keep building momentum, to keep reaching out to legislators on both sides of the aisle and to keep educating people about medical aid-in-dying. … something like this takes time.” ...  

But opponents cite moral and religious objections and argue the bill, if it became law, could lead to potential abuse.

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